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Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions –  Effective 2024

1. General Information
The terms & conditions set out below form the basis for any contract between you (the Client) and Golf International, Inc. (the Company).When you contact the Company to book any travel arrangements, you appoint them to act as your agent in securing the requested arrangements for you. A deposit is required before any specific arrangements can be booked, at which stage the Company takes responsibility for providing your vacation. No employee or representative of the Company has the authority to change these terms and conditions or other information contained herein. The parties agree that any legal proceedings relating to this agreement will be filed in a court of competent jurisdiction within New York County, State of New York.

2. Tour Cost
Customized itinerary prices are quoted as a package price in the written itinerary provided you. To secure a quoted package price, Golf International must receive the required deposit for each tour participant within 7 days of the date the quotation is made. Quoted package prices are based on confidential, negotiated rates and cannot be itemized.

3. Deposits & Final Balances
The schedules of deposits and final balances vary by tour program and will be provided together with our written proposal for your specific program. Payments may be made by check, bank transfer, MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

4. Modifications
An administration fee of $50 per modification, per person will be incurred for all changes made by you after your tour has been placed into operation and confirmations received. Certain non-refundable deposits and prepayments already made, may also be lost.

5. Cancellations
Cancellation fees vary by tour program and will be provided together with our written proposal for your specific program.

6. Car Rental Information
Independent itineraries include a car rental with manual transmission (unless otherwise noted) from the point of arrival, until departure. Drivers must have a valid driver’s license and be over 25 years of age; in some situations maximum age limits may also apply. Car rental rates do not include additional drivers or drop-off charges (if applicable). Basic collision damage waiver insurance and unlimited mileage are included.

10. Hotels
Quotations are normally based on standard rooms with private bathrooms at the hotels or guesthouses suggested in our proposal, unless otherwise specified. Should any property not be available, a comparable, alternate property will be offered. A tour price adjustment (either upward or downward) may be made to accommodate the property change. Superior and deluxe rooms, as well as suites are available at most hotels for a supplementary charge. Should you require an upgrade in accommodations, please make the request of your Golf International travel counselor as early in the booking process as possible.

11. Air Transportation
As a service to our clients, Golf International will be pleased to assist in obtaining an airfare quotation for the trip, through a reliable third party. Should this service be utilized, the company acts only as an intermediary on the client’s behalf, the transaction being between the client and the third party, including payment of the airfare and any associated costs.

12. Tour Documents
Approximately 2 weeks prior to your departure you will receive a travel package containing everything you need for your Golf International vacation. Included will be your final itinerary, complete with all contact information and details of your tour, including all starting times, and other tourist information.

13. Handicaps
Golf International strongly recommends all clients carry with them a current handicap certificate. Golf Clubs reserve the right to view handicap certificates before permitting visitors to play, ensuring that all comply with their handicap requirements. Golf International will provide clients with the applicable maximum handicaps in our written proposal.

Golf International, Inc., cannot be responsible for any client who may be refused play for any reason, including but not limited to, non-possession of a current handicap certificate, non-compliance with dress codes, inappropriate behavior or any local club regulation. Also, please note that Golf International can accept no responsibility for the playing conditions of any golf course, including changes caused by course maintenance or weather conditions.

14. Caddies
As a part of the Golf International service, the company is pleased to request caddies for those who may wish them; caddies however, cannot be guaranteed. If you require caddies, Golf International will request them in advance of your visit. As independent contractors, caddies must be paid in cash (local currency) directly by the client.

15. Responsibility
Golf International, Inc. and/or its agents, act only as agents in making arrangements for golf, hotels, ground, air or water transportation, sightseeing or any other services in connection with the itineraries of individual tour members, who by acceptance thereof, acknowledge that Golf International, Inc. and/or its agents and suppliers shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity, liability or expense to person or property due to the act or default of any golf club, hotel, car rental provider, motor-coach operator or any other transportation company, organization or person providing or rendering of services included in the tours or travel programs.

Further, Golf International, Inc. and/or its agents accept no responsibility for any sickness, pilferage, industrial disputes, health risks, reason of war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, closure or congestion of airports or arrival/departure points for other forms of transportation, cancellations or changes of airline or any other transportation company schedules, nor any similar events, including adverse weather conditions and other Acts of God, which are beyond our control.

Golf International, Inc. reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute any tour or tour service if circumstances so require, including, but not limited to, reasons of an insufficient number of tour participants. In the event of a substitution of a tour service, a comparable or superior service will be provided. Should a tour be cancelled in its entirety, Golf International, Inc. will make a full refund to booked tour participants of all payments it has received in respect to the tour, which shall be the full extent of Golf International, Inc.’s obligation and liability to the travelers.

Transportation by aircraft, rail, ship or coach will be dependent on the Conditions of Carriage of the relevant carrier. These Conditions of Carriage may limit the carrier’s liability to you under International Laws such as the Warsaw Convention. The responsibility and liability of air carriers are subject to the Conditions of Contract as specified on the passenger ticket, the rules contained in tariffs on file with the Department of Transportation (available for inspection on request to the DOT) and applicable provisions of law and treaty.

16. Brochure and Website Accuracy
Every effort has been made to ensure that all information contained in Golf International’s brochures, advertising and other printed promotional materials as well as the company’s website, is totally accurate at the time of publication. The company cannot be held responsible for changes that may have occurred since publication of any materials and accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions. Whenever the company becomes aware of any changes that could materially affect your tour package, all reasonable steps will be taken to inform you in a timely manner.