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How to Select the Right Golf Travel Company

Golf International – Honored for Excellence in Tourism

Golf International is the recipient of the prestigious Icons of Scotland Award, presented by the Scottish Government Tourist Board and Scotland Magazine, for excellence in tourism through consistently providing the most memorable Scottish experience. We are the only American travel company to ever be honored in this way and trust this award will be further assurance to our clients, past present and future, that in choosing Golf International to handle your travel arrangements, you have selected the very best.

Your golf trip is a very important event.

You have a passion for golf and this may very well be the realization of one of your life long dreams. It’s your vacation and you have worked hard for it…don’t you deserve a trip which is absolutely perfect and provides you with fond memories enough to last a lifetime?

Arranging an international golf trip without professional help is not a simple thing.

For the same reasons most of us go to a mechanic when our car breaks down and a doctor when we aren’t feeling well, the path to a successful golf trip is best handled by a qualified specialist.

Any golf trip involves the coordination of a myriad of details. On an international golf trip the details multiply… the entire process becomes increasingly difficult to coordinate due to differences in time.

You will need to determine the availability of the various golf clubs you wish to play (each with its own rules and regulations concerning visitors). You must find and reserve the most suitable hotels and book a car rental which will be large enough for golfers, luggage and clubs. You need to determine driving distances and be certain of driving directions to be sure you make that starting time. The list of details is endless.

If you choose to make your own arrangements, be prepared for a frustrating experience which will be very time consuming. It is less than likely that you will be successful in obtaining the courses you want to play and for all your trouble, you could end up with a nightmare of a trip which is not what you wanted at all. And to whom will you turn when you discover you have no hotel reservations or a golf club can find no trace of your booking?

The way to avoid all of these problems is to use the services of a professional golf travel company which can take care of all of the details. Selected carefully, the right company will provide you with a trouble free trip where all you have to worry about is your golf game.

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