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11 Tips to Selecting a Golf Travel Company

11 Tips to Selecting a Golf Travel Company:
The following few pointers will set you off in the right direction…..


1. Look for a company which specializes exclusively in golf travel.

Golf travel is probably one of the most highly specialized areas of the travel business and it takes a dedication to the subject not found among generalist, to handle a trip properly.

2. Find a company that has at least 10 years experience in golf travel.

It takes at least that long to build the local contacts and relationships needed to get the job done, and the longer any golf travel company has been in business, the better they are likely to be.

3. Check into the company’s reputation and track record.

Although past performance can be no guarantee of the future, better to go with a company that has established a good, solid reputation.

4. Compare Brochures and Advertisements for professionalism.

Poorly prepared promotional material including brochures, advertising and web-sites, could be an indication that a company is less than professional in its approach to business and may not be professional in planning your trip.

5. Is the company a member of any professional associations?

Membership in professional and trade associations is usually an indication that a company abides by that organizations code of ethics and business practices. Check your travel company out with the associations they claim to belong to.

6. Check with the tourist board of the country you plan to visit.

Tourism is very important to any country and every tourist office wants its overseas visitors to have a good experience. Although tourist offices are not allowed to show any preferences or favoritism in recommending travel companies, they should let you know of any which may have a poor record for client satisfaction.

7. Check with friends or others who may have taken a similar trip before.

There is no better indicator than personal recommendation. Any company which has satisfied others, should be able to satisfy you.

8. Ask for references.

If a company is proud of its past performance record they will have no hesitation in providing you with references.

9. Be wary of addresses that are P.O. Boxes.

Although it’s not necessarily so, a company using a post office box rather than a street address may be a part-time company, operated from the kitchen table of somebody’s home.

10. Be wary of companies with no offices in the U.S.A.

More overseas operators with no U.S. base of operations are running classified ads in America to attract business than ever before. Their claims to experience and knowledge about golf travel may or may not be true. But what recourse will you have if their promises are not kept or if you are disappointed with their arrangements?

Wouldn’t it be wiser to use an American company?

11. Don’t let price alone be the deciding factor.

If you are comparing the proposals of other golf travel companies, price alone should not be your guide. Compare the different itineraries very carefully looking at the various hotels which may have been offered and the types of rooms, the type of car rental and what is included, any other services which may be offered.

Can all that has been proposed be delivered, or is there a bait and switch game being played? Do you feel comfortable with the lower priced company and their reputation?

Good value is important, but if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Following these few guidelines together with a good dose of common sense, should help you choose a company which is reputable, experienced and will provide you with a dream trip rather than a nightmare.

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